Painting itself, by it's very nature, is a singular, solitary existence. For me, it is always about retreating into my own journey -  making art true to my idea, that is real & honest. I am summoning memories, telling the same story over & over again. There are no people in my work, but there is often a suggestion of their presence, a trace of humanity. Self, place, belonging & the land have long been central themes in my work.

Sometimes, I have thought my work old-fashioned because it wasn't cool or in vogue. 

But now, I am happy to make a place for myself beyond the necessitudes of fashion.

To me, the act of painting encompasses all of who i am. using the simplest of line and shape, the subtlest shift of color, my goal is to evoke an emotion, a feeling, a memory… initially, for me in the doing, and then again and again for the viewer. i paint what i need to paint and am delighted when someone connects to it and it changes their landscape.”

Irma Soltonovich


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